Monday, November 20, 2006

productive day!

First I started out this morning sewing 2 ornaments for exchanges so no pics of those. Once those were done then I pulled out the LK December Stamp to finish. I got all done and then closed the pattern and realized that the flakes and mitten, in red, were supposed to be a light blue. The pattern said GAST Liberty and I didn;'t have it so I substituted WDW Liberty in its place. Not thinking of making sure they were the same. Well low and behold they are not and never paid attention til it was all done. I was wondering why they would use a red for snowflakes but stitched it anyways. I have decided to leave it all red instead of ripping it out. What do you all think? This is a Christmas gift.

After that was finished I pulled out LK Blocks. I started May and only got a small amount done. I am hoping to show more progress tomorrow :-)
I want to say thank you to whoever told me about Newsgator for being updated on new posts to blogs that i visit. I love it and since I have dial up it cuts my computer time down drastically. I have about 30 blogs that I would read a day and that would take me 4 hours to get through. Now I can read all of my emails, 3 Bulletin Boards and then newsgator tells me what has new posts on blogs and mostly have 12- 18 a day to get through so now I am down to 2 hours a day online. I am supposed to get DSL in january so that should cut even more time for me :-)

Mary Ann, welcome to blog world and it is nice of you to visit and post.

I have been getting more comments all the time and I love it.

So far I have finished 4-5 things from my 50 Project Challenge :-)


Anonymous said...

Shelleen I just love those stamps! I would leave the red snowflakes they are cute! Looks fantastic all together like that.

coonie said...

the red snowflakes are perfect!

valda said...

I think that the red looks just fine there. I would go ahead and leave it. Congrats on your finish!

Anonymous said...

I love this, very beautiful work. your recipient will be thrilled. I like the red snowflakes, it does not look out of place at all to me.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree! leave them as they are! :-)

Anonymous said...

well, I'm a RED girl .. so they look perfect to me! lol

congrats on the finish!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelleen! I think your finish looks great and the person you're giving it to won't know about the snowflakes, it looks good regardless! Congrats on the finish :-)

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the welcome, Shellen. And, wonderful finish--I love it! I'm a red girl, too, so I think the red looks great. And, you know, snowflakes aren't blue, either. So...:-)

Ruth said...

50 product challenge. lol You could probably go to 65 and make it easily. :)

I love the red glove far more than the light blue it called for! What a fortuitous mistake!!!!