Sunday, May 03, 2009

some pics

Friday I received my wish. On the Make a Wish Blog I had asked for an every day floss ring tag and Jill honored my request. I love it and she did an awesome job on it. Thank you so much!!!
I don't know why the colors are washed out on this piece. it is M Designs Halloween Tree and the fabric is green. This is my incentive piece on the Only One Ewe BB and my Saturday SAT(stitch a thon) with them and with my stitching sisters Yahoo group. I got quite a bit done on it.
On the HAED board this weekend was to pull out a UFO/WIP HAED piece. Since this is the only one that I have going I put in 1 hour of stitching on it, today. I stitched 3 rows.


  1. Wow...I just dearly love your little pillow...whaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want one now...Oh Shelleen...Oh Shelleen...will you make me promise to be vewy good....LOL...

    I love all of your finishes and all of your WIP's.

    That is the reason why I am not in any exchanges cause it would take away from my time of stitching on my projects.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  2. Oh Your floss tag is so lovely!! It is so great when you get something so unexpected! I understand about exchanges, I haven't done any in awhile, except for a dmc floss one. Your stitching is wonderful!

  3. I love the floss tag! What a wonderful gift.

  4. Pretty floss tag! WIP's are looking great!

  5. Nice floss tag. Weird that your fabric is green and shows like it's off white or tan.