Sunday, February 20, 2011

RMS SAL and Halloween SAL

I stitched most of the day, Saturday, on Rocky Mountain Christmas. I woke up to nasty  weather again. Cold, windy and snowy. Roads were bad and visibility was bad. So after cleaning I pulled out RMC. I cooked for my inlaws again and this time I made homemade Hamburger Stroganoff. I also stitched while visiting with them.
as you can see I finished the 2nd column. All I need to do on it is the backstitching.
Today I pulled out Poof Hat by Ursula Michael. I started watching TV and stitching , when Justin showed up to do his laundry. Then he took me grocery shopping. I thought the roads were still yucky like when I woke up but they had cleared up.
I also had hamburger soup going in the crockpot, mmm.
Sat down and stitched while watching TV all day, and a little cleaning.
The TV shows I watched:
Pretty Little Liars
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy

Thanks for all the comments. I have made some great online friends :-)


MrsB said...

Love your RMC piece! Very detailed...

Do you have recipes for your hamburger stroganoff and soup? I like the sound of those dishes :o)

By the way, I have the Halloween Fairy chart on your Wishlist, if you would like it - the one out of the Cross Stitch magazine by Nora Corbett?


Shelley said...

Hmm.. hamburger soup sounds intriguing! Loving the poof hat.. gorgeous colours :)

Jackie said...

The hamburger soup sounds good to me too! Great progress on both pieces.

Karen said...

great wip's! you have such patience to do those hugeongus projects! i bow down to you..... :)

Susan said...

Put recipes on the blog please as they both sound good!

Great work on RMC but I don't understand the column business. I do realize that you stitch from top to bottom - are you just stitching 1 stitch down all the way then start at the top again? Confusion reigns?

Happy Stitching!

Carolyn NC said...

Very nice stitching!

Karen said...

Your RMC is really coming along! Great progress... happy stitching this week.

Beth said...

Your RMC is looking beautiful, and so is the Poof Hat. I think if you keep on talking about all the good sounding food, you are going to have to open up a food blog! I will be awaiting the recipes too.

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Neat projects, really love the RMS one, incredible detail!

Nancy M said...

I worked on RMC for a friend who got in a rut with it and needed to get out of it! It does have lots of thread changes, but it's a pretty piece when finished. Good luck using your new technique for getting it done.