Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I love Facebook but had gotten rid of all the games that I played but Fairyland. Now I don't like that game anymore so in a couple of weeks I will be done with that and get rid of all my Fairyland friends. I also left all the groups I was in. Just took up to much time.

Now went through blogs that I was member of and left a couple of those. I no longer do exchanges. I would rather RAK someone. Some blogs no one posted to anymore anyways.

Then some of my Yahoo groups are dead so I left those.

I want to stitch on my UFOs/WIPs and 2 small monthly SALs and of course my ornament a month.

I do NOT want to stitch on anymore RRs. They also take up time.

I miss certain friends, as we used to be close but I got sucked into so much stuff online. I want to read thier blogs and email them regularly again.

I also am trying to not watch new shows on TV as I want to free up my evenings listening to my audio books and watching movies, while stitching. I haven't been caring for Nikita, on the CW so I am no longer going to watch that show. Some of my shows aren't coming back, Medium, Smallville and possibly House, Bones and Supernatural, after this season.

Must be a phase I am going through. Anyone else feel this way?

Next year I want to start a blog of just stitchers stitching on freebies. I don't know about you but I have been printing them up since 1999 and would love to do a year of stitching them and getting rid of the patterns. Yes, gasp, I do throw them out after I stitch them up. Anyone else want to make it their goal for next year?

I like the idea of each year doing something different. I also would love to stitch out of the magazines that I own. Some only have 1 or 2 patterns in them. Then give the magazine away when I am done. Get rid of all this clutter? maybe not clutter but to make way for new things.

I also will give out boxes of books after my book meeting each month. The only thing is they are registered with Book Crossing and I do want journal entries with book crossing when you get them and read them. It is a free membership and fun.

Ok so who is still reading all this silly nonsense? I know boring blog post but a journal post anyways. Is it because Dylan has moved out and Justin may move out next month so I need new changes? I like change and would move in a heartbeat but DH won't move.

Ok I am done blathering lol.


Andie said...

I think its great to have a big clean up :D

Nancy in IL said...

While I was reading your blathering (LOL), I found myself hearing it in the voice of Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes! I, also, would move in a heartbeat if I could find the right house, a smaller one of all brick (no maintenence). I'm not sure if I like change all that well, but your ideas do sound appealing to me.

Jade said...

No, it's not stupid or boring. It is nice you did a de-cluttering of your activities. People who cannot do that are called addicts. I used to spend hours a day on facebook, nowadays I hardly log in and I don't even miss it.
I don't have many freebies but I would definitely follow that blog as well. But if you do one for the magazine project, sign me up. I have literally hundreds of cross stitch mags and I hardly ever stitch any of their beauties. Maybe we could form some support group for each other there.
I know I don't post a lot, but I read you every time.

~*Shar*~ said...

My your a busy bee hun. :) I feel the same way; I'm in a few exchanges and RR's and after I'm done w/these; I'm not going to sign up for anymore. I was in 3 ornament exchanges and sent out 3 nice ones and only recieved 1 back. It's just not worth it; I'd rather stitch for someone I KNOWS appricates the work and love we put into our work. Don't get me goin hun..LOL I also have a folder full of freebies; I'd join your new blog for sure hun.

Hugs, Shar

Jackie said...

I think it's natural to shake things up a bit every now and then. It keeps things interesting!

Beth said...

You have been doing some serious thinking! I did some of that at the beginning of this year. I, too, have a gazillion freebies to stitch, and I could do that sort of for next year. I will probably still be working on finishing the current WIP's and UFO's then, but I could do that as well. I really do want to finish off some of these.

Mary Ivancicts said...

I have been cleaning out my games also on facebook,and a few friends and some blogs, Farmville will be going soon, getting tired of that one also. I like the idea for the freebie blog!I too, would like to clean out some patterns, I sent a couple of boxes to a friend patterns that I asked myself why did I buy that one?

Sally said...

I did the same on Facebook, cleared out games and the people I played them with and now I just have family, stitching friends and other friends on there. I play a couple of games but no where near as many as I used to. It's good to clean up sometimes:)

Carolyn NC said...

Hi Shelleen, I totally understand. I'm doing a lot of the same things. Though I've enjoyed it all, my time is getting eaten up and my stitching time is pretty limited right now anyway. So I'm cutting down, too. :)

Susan said...

Change is good but not always a joyful occasion - children leaving home, good for them but not necessarily for Mom.

I can elate to getting rid of...I have been doing this going on 2 years now. I go through cross st to see what I no longer have an interest in and donate. Same with my books - the library (ist ed hdbk) and daughter's friend paperbacks. Most mags went by the way several years ago minus what I wanted from them.

So yes I did declutter my small house and still have far to go! I love quilt fabric and xst.

Happy Stitching!

Terri said...

Change is good and inevitable. I did read your blog all the way through. I am on the same wave length of decluttering. There is a lot of clutter here and I'm tired of it. Funny thing is not all of it is mine. A lot of it is my daughters and her fathers. I do want to move I have wanted to move for a while. But I want to move into a house that is mine. Just mine. My Daughter's father and I have been living in the same house but separately for some time. I do my thing he does his. I know when I'm finished school and working I'll be ready to make that step. As for Facebook I do not play games on it at all. I really don't care about facebook too much. I do watch certain shows each week and I do like them. As for stitching freebies if I can get what I want done this year then I'd be game for that.

Anonymous said...

If your going to get ridof your Xstitch patterns when you're thru with them, may I be so bold as toask for some or how ever many you'd care to send. I have MS real bad but can still X stitch, took alot of practice, but I don't have anymore patterns (except for one nice lady who sent me a few). I'm on SSI & my already little income is being cut so I can't afford to buy anything. Hoping to be able to pay the bills & not end up homeless. I won't go into a nursing home. Long story. Anyway, I used to have patterns but one of the many times I was in the hosipital ,they got thrown away. Broke my heart.If you're willing to share some with me, please put it on your site for the woman with MS real bad. I'd put my email address up here, but it's not suppose to be safe.Use my name too. Karen Carroll