Sunday, February 06, 2011

Saturday SAT and new stash

Saturday morning went and got groceries. Boy it got nasty out fast. Sleet and snow and visibility was zero at times, when we took food to my in laws. I cook every Saturday for my MIL and FIL since their health isn't the greatest. My SILs take care of them during the week so Saturday Scott and I help out to make sure they took their meds and I feed them. I fixed a ham and noodle casserole, which is my favorite.

I took my stitching and stitched on HAED QS Fragile Heart.
I also got stash in the mail. I am on the auto shipment this year, for the new Halloween flip its. I also got the fabric and floss and will do them all on one piece. I also ordered Sue Hillis Happy Valentines Day. It just came out this week.  Thank you Amy from Down Sunshine Lane for the speedy shipment.


Jackie said...

It's always so much fun getting stash in the mail. Even better when it comes quickly!

Beth said...

Your HAED is coming along nicely. I ordered some stash from Amy yesterday during her Super Bowl Sale! Can't wait to fondle it.

Karen said...

I am amazed at all your HAED pieces! Kudos on your progress. Great new stash too!

Meari said...

Oooh, enjoy that new stash!