Sunday, January 01, 2012

Crazy January Challenge #1

Today was the first day of this crazy challenge. I stitch on JCS Halloween Collection Brittercup Halloween Cat Tree. I didn't stitch for long. I don't have all the threads for this so will have to make a shopping trip soon, to the LNS.

The day did not start out good. First of all it is the day of the Tournament of Roses Parade. Always has been on January 1 . But not this year because some morons changed it to tomorrow. I was told because of football. So what? The games don't start til after the parade anyways.

Today was supposed to be a day with my boys and a Turkey dinner. Why do they always say leave the bird in the fridge for 2-4 days to thaw? Nothing ever thaws out in my fridge. So at 2:00 I went to put the bird in the oven and the bird was still frozen. I was so upset. It is now sitting out so I can cook it tomorrow morning and have it for lunch time.

I did manage to read emails, Bbs and blogs today. Do all the laundry in the house. Undecorate my house and tree. The tree is also gone. My house is almost back to normal. I do want to do some organizing in my craft room tomorrow. I am missing specialty flosses and kreinik.

I also read some more of my book:
Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

We also have high winds and a Lake effect snow watch.

Night everyone. Tomorrow's January start is Nora Corbett's Halloween Fairy.

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them a lot.


Lea said...

I was very frustrated about the parade myself... something about traditions... Enjoy your "bird " tomorrow.. and the parade...
Happy New Year

Cindy said...

Nice start. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Cindy in MA

Mary Ivancicts said...

Nice start!

Cathy said...

Great start! I was also all set to watch the Rose Parade. I love watching it on HGTV - no commercials. Looking forward to seeing your other starts.

JillMN said...

The parade (along with some bowl games) were moved to Monday because of the NFL games on Sunday.

SoCal Debbie said...

I was surprised about the parade moving to Monday too! I drove right by the Rose Bowl today and was surprised that there was no traffic.

Pumpuliina pistelee said...

Lovely halloween work:) Can't wait to see it finished!

I started on crazy january works too.

Greetings from Finland

cucki said...

very lovely start..keep it up dear..
happy stitching xx

Nancy in IL said...

Great start to a new year! Love the variation in the thread. You did better than I did. Got a blog update after taking pix for the first time a good while, but was so busy on the other group I moderate with a ton of new members, I got no stitches in, but today is a new day! I'll keep checking your starts for 2012!

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Lovely start

MaryT said...

Really nice start, I have that problem too, it takes eons for anything to thaw in my fridge.

Mary Louise in IN

Meari said...

Nice start on the CJC.

I didn't thaw my turkey in the fridge. I used the water method. Once it was thawed, I put it in the fridge until I was ready to cook it.

It's gotten cold here over the past couple days. I woke up to 9F! Brrr, but at least the sun is shining.

Mindi said...

Its been so much fun watching everyone post their starts for 2012!

I read somewhere the Rose Parade was moved to Monday since its never held on a Sunday. But you're right, its a tradition my house has as well, get up and watch it on New year's Day. At least it was a good game when it was finally played!