Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy January Challenge #10

Only 5 more days of this and then to my other pieces. All my CJCs will be stitched on Sundays. But only after I finish LK Halloween Rules.
So tonight I pulled out a kit from BeckySC, that she gave me several years ago. It is Mill Hill's Wacky Witch. This has been in my ro do pile since and am so thrilled to have finally pulled it out.
This is how far I got.
 I am starting to like reading, The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. The first 70 pages were just dragging and boring but once I got to a certain chapter then I wanted to keep reading. So once I am done here then I will read. Tomorrow I will start a new audiobook. The Cove by Catherine Coulter. It is the first book in her FBI series.

While stitching I watched:
2 episodes Live With Kelly!
2 episodes General Hospital

Thank you everyone for all the comments. I have been reading blogs but don't always have a chance to leave comments. I think I have 300-400 blogs that I read so I just can't get to them all or leave comments on each one that I do read. Please understand.

Good night everyone!


Shanda said...

Halloween Rules, that is another I'd love to get. But I really need to actually a finish some projects first!! If I don't watch it I'm gonna have a loaded stash and no completions!!!

cucki said...

very sweet start..happy stitching xxx

Vicky L said...

Nice start!

Meari said...

All your starts look good, Shelleen. How's the show without Regis?

Faith... said...

You can already see the wacky witch! Congrats on all your starts. I can't wait until Day 16 so I can stitch what I want!