Thursday, January 19, 2012

HAED & The Pledge

We were in a Winter Advisory from 1pm-9pm. Not a lot of snow but the we had winds and with the snow it got nasty out for a short time.

I pulled out HAED Rapunzel so I could finish the 70 stitches for the row I was working on. I don't know when I will pull this out again.

Then I pulled out SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge. I am enjoying working on this.
 I started listening to The Maze by Catherine Coulter and it is pretty good.
Then I watched:
The Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
I DVRd The Secret Cirlce and will watch that this weekend.

I am still reading Even Cat Sitters Get The Blues by Blaize Clement.

Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate them :-)


  1. wow they both are very great stitching projects..
    happy stitching dear xxx

  2. Gorgeous projects. Both of them.

  3. Great progress on the Pledge!

  4. Both your projects are coming along beautifully!
    I really like The Pledge colors.
    We had the same winter advisory but nothing came of it though. Tomorrow I don't think we will be so lucky though!

  5. Both look great, Shelleen. Love the fabbie for 1892 Pledge. Stay warm!!

  6. STILL loving Pledge :)
    Have a great weekend my friend :)

  7. What beautiful pieces~you truly have a talent for all types of needlework styles~ I always love visiting and seeing what you're up to.
    You stay safe and warm and if it gets too snowy there, you can always come visit me in Florida! :)