Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday IHSW & The Pledge

Yesterday started a morning of beading. My sister and mom came over and my sister wanted to learn how to make a bracelet. Her beads were gorgeous. Black and silver. Something you would pay $30 for and she made for $8. I repaired a bracelet that I had. No making anything for me lol. Mom just came to visit and watch :-)

We had to laugh at my dog. His name is Dreyx and he is 10 years old. Rottie/Sheppard mix. Well my dad says we have been lucky rescuing dogs. He just rescued a 4 year old female Shibu Inu (sp). I adopted Dreyx when he was 1 1/2. Anyways we were sitting at the table beading and brought up what my dad has said and he calls my dog a real gentleman. My sister laughed and said Dreyx is not a gentleman. Well he whipped his head around and glared at my sister and stuck his nose up in the air and then got closer to my mom for her sympathy LOL. We laughed and he glared at her for the rest of the day lol. My sister calls him a boob dog since that is what he likes about women LOL.

They left around 3 and then I got ready to go to Scott's parents house. I cooked sausages, mashed potatoes and corn. I took a pack out of meat out of their freezer and brought it home. I can have it thawed out next Saturday for them and buy some for us as well.

So since it is still IHSW I stitched some more on SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge.
I am loving this piece and will  bring it back out in a week. Sundays are Halloween stitching and the week of the 25th I always stitch something Christmas.

I watched a really good movie on Lifetime. Drew Peterson - Untouchable. Awesome performance by Rob Lowe. I didn't recognize him. He costarred for 2 days, with Live With Kelly and still is as hot as he was in the 80's. Doesn't look like he aged at all.

Thanks for all the comments and I do reply to those I can. You are all the best!


Beth Pearce said...

So funny, I just commented on your last post, and then this one showed up. You really got a long ways on Pledge!

cucki said...

yay your stitching growing fast..
keep well and have a lovely sunday xxx

Missy said...

Love my bracelet! Thanks for showing me how to make it. :)

Joysze said...

Pledge is growing by leaps and bounds, Shelleen.

LOL at Dreyx. That's too funny. Glad your had a wonderful time with your sis and mom. :D

Jackie said...

Your pup is so funny and cute!

I like your idea about stitching Christmas stuff the week of the 25th. I don't mind stitching off season at all but it seems I've been mostly working on Halloween stuff.

I totally agree with you about Rob Lowe! It does look like he put weight on for that role. Did he talk about that at all?

SoCal Debbie said...

The Pledge looks great! Those are nice colors to stitch with.