Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy January Challenge #13, 14, and 15

I changed my mind on what I was going to stitch on and pulled out Waxing Moon Halloween Hang Ups. There are 3 designs in it so I started those.
Waxing Moon Halloween Hang Ups - Pumpkin

Waxing Moon Halloween Hang Ups - Black Cat

Waxing Moon Halloween Hang Ups - Ghosts

So that is it for the Crazy January Challenge. Now back to the UFO SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge. Once the LK Halloween Rules is done then I will stitch on all the Crazy January Challenges and I will finish them this year :-)

Last night was horribly windy out. I thought I was going to lose my home. 30-40mph winds with gusts at 60 mph. I could feel the rooms shaking. There was a severe thunderstorm warning but we didn't get it. The town 2 away from us did and we had our lights flicker a few times. This weather has been crazy.

Last night I finished reading The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. The first 70 pages are boring and slow. I was really debating whether to finish it. I am glad that I stuck it out. This is the first book in a trilogy and now will have to wait til this summer for the 2nd book.
Today I started reading Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues by Blaize Clement.
Tonight I also finished an audiobook. The Cove by Catherine Coulter. Very good book and a couple of twists. The next one I will be starting is The Maze by Catherine Coulter. Both of these books are in her FBI series. I have the rest of the series as well. Some are audiobooks and some are books to read.

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Sarah said...

All your starts are looking good some lovely colours in there.

cucki said...

all your starts are so cute..
hugs xx

Beth Pearce said...

Hooray for more cute Halloweeny projects! They all look like thew will be really darling.

Mary Ivancicts said...

your starts are looking good!!! I am glad you got the book finished, I should be done in about a week! I love the Halloween starts!

Meari said...

Your latest starts look cute already.

We had winds here, too. The doors on my fireplace were rattling and the damper was closed!

Nancy in IL said...

Great new starts, Shelleen! Lot so Halloween, my fave holiday! Go, girl!!!

BeckySC said...

Great starts Shell :)

Mindi said...

Love your Waxing Moon starts!

Discovery of Witches was a fantastic book, but you're right, it started out very slow. I just started reading the FBI series by Catherine Coulter, but unfortunately didn't start with the first one.

Joysze said...

Starts look great, Shelleen.

YIKES at those winds! Glad you're safe.

Jackie said...

I've enjoyed Catherine Coulter's FBI series. Easy reads but very enjoyable.