Thursday, February 28, 2019

Book Review: Cowboy Brave by Carolyn Brown

Cowboy Brave


This city girl's about to get a dose of cowboy charmEmily Baker doesn't rough it - anymore. Born and raised on a farm, she's worked hard to distance herself from that life, thank you very much. But when the seniors at the nursing home where she works beg for a ranch retreat, she caves and heads up to the Longhorn Canyon spread. With one glance at the sexy cowboy who opens the door, she's suddenly thinking a week with him might not be so bad after all. 
Justin Maguire doesn't quite know what to do with the gorgeous woman who shows up on his doorstep. She's all curves and confidence-even after stepping in a cow pile. Too bad she's determined not to fall for a cowboy. But with the help of five nosy, matchmaking seniors, he might just convince her he's worth the risk.
SECOND CHANCE COWBOY Once a cowboy, always a cowboy! Jack Everett can handle working on the ranch, but turning around the failing vineyard he's also inherited? That requires working with the woman he never expected to see again.

                                                              MY REVIEW:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is the 3rd book of the series so I knew it had to be a romance for Justin this time around. Emily works at a retirement home and when the Fab Five, as they call themselves ask to go to a ranch for a week she calls on Longhorn Canyon. Little do they know she was raised on a farm. And one of the most highly acclaimed farms worth a lot of money. She never lets other guys know that because they always see $ signs. She is also a curvy woman and doesn't think a cowboy will really be interested in her. When she meets Justin there is attraction right away. She doesn't tell him where she is really from or her family.
This book had me laughing so hard because of the antics of the Fab Five who live in the retirement home. The things they got up to on that ranch for the week had me in stitches.
The only person in the book I did not like was Justin's mom. The way she treated Emily because of her size and didn't think someone like her could get anyone so would be out for Justin for his ranch and money. I was appalled by her behavior.
There is also another bonus book by another author in this book but I have not read that yet.
Thanks to Forever for sending me the book for review #Forever #GrandCentralPub

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