Thursday, March 02, 2006

February & March Goals

Posting how I did in February and March goals:

finish SzuLet Creations Model finished

UFO & WIP: any stitching time?
TCS Christmas Angel yes
Snowy Forest Evening Stocking yes
4 sports ornaments yes
1 JCS ornament yes
2 christmas ornaments stitched on 1
Marty Bell - Rocky Mountain Christmas yes
Sue Hillis - I Shall wear Purple yes
2 small kits no
TW The Storyteller yes

February Bent Creek Snapper finished
LK Thanksgiving Flip It finished
freebie started
Magazine mania-to finish violets finished
Lk February Stamp finished
L&L Ice Angel-start yes
February a Year Full of Happy finished

finish Life expectancy by Dean koontz yes
2nd Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants yes
3rd Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants yes

March Goals:
finish twisted Oaks model

UFO & WIP: any stitching time
TCS Christmas Angel
Snowy Forest Evening Stocking
4 sports ornaments
1 JCS ornament
2 Christmas Ornaments
Marty Bell -Rocky Mountain Christmas
Sue Hillis I Shall Wear Purple
2 small kits
TW The Storyteller
L&L Ice Angel

March Bent Creek Snapper
LK Christmas Flip It
Magazine Mania-Easter
LK March Stamp
start Mirabilia Winter Queen
March A Year Full Of Happy

The Vineyard- Barbara Delinsky
Dead Witch walking- Kim Harrison
Watermelon-Marian Keyes
Death on Demand-Carolyn G. Hart

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