Monday, March 27, 2006

Mondays Musings-pics now up

seems that blogger is acting up again and not letting me post pics. This is getting to be a total pain in my a$$. I am sick of sitting here for 45 minutes and with dial up only to have it not work. If I have to put photos in photobucket in order to post the pics then there is no sense in having a blog. I just can send my friends to look at my photobucket site.

Anyways, Sunday I stitched on Vermillion piece out of the JCS 2003 issue. Today I stitched up basketball ornament and have it cut and made into an ornament.

Last week I watched:
Must Love Dogs
The 40 Year Old Virgin (twice)
The Brother Grimm
American Pie Band camp (twice)
When a stranger calls

I finished reading Unraveled Sleeve by Monica Ferris and am now reading Velocity by Dean Koontz which I am 3/4 of the way through and it is really good and hard to put down.

Saturday I had calling hours to go to. So I picked up my mom and we went to that. It was a neighbor from where we used to live. He was diagnosed with cancer 1-2 months ago and was given 6 months. His wife said he was pretty much pain free and it was real quick. I graduated with his daughter and was friends with his son and his own brothers and sisters. I used to babysit some of his nieces and nephew. I hadn't seen any of them in years except for his daughter that i had graduated with. I see her at class reunions.

DS#1 turned 16 on Saturday and he will go for his permit this Friday. DS#2 turned 14 today :-)

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Karen's Blog said...

Hi Shelleen,

I know what you mean. I was so frustrated with Blogger not loading pictures last week. I felt lik throwing my laptop through the window. VBG.