Friday, March 17, 2006

Winter queen progress

I started Mirabilia's Winter Queen and have this much done.

Now I have started LK March Stamp.

I am reading Watermelong bu Marian Keyes. it is ok.

DS#1 had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled today and I want him to go to bed at a decent time but he says it is the weekend. I don't want him to run himself down.

Nothing else much to report today :-)


Judith said...

Good luck stitching on winter queen. She was for me the hardest queen to stitch.

BeckySC said...

Nice start, Shell :)
Enjoy your weekend dear friend :)

Carol said...

Oh cool! I am looking forward to watching your Winter Queen grow :-)

Von said...

My son had his removed last year and he didn't need the pain meds at all. Carried on as if nothing had happened!

Nicole and Phil said...

wow, this is looking interesting! I do not know the design, so looking forward to seeing more stitching!

RĂ³sa said...

Very nice start! It's really interesting how different people tackle the same project :-)