Friday, August 01, 2008


Dean Koontz - Forever Odd finished
Dean Koontz - Brother Odd finished
Dean Koontz - The Husband
Dean Koontz - The Good Guy listening to

Lucky You watched
Dumb Luck watched
Children of Men didn't finish, didn't like
The Memory Keeper's Daughter watched
Hard Candy watched
American Dreamz watched
The Spiderwick Chronicles watched
Sweeney Todd watched
Reservation Road watched

Finish Fishing Santa Stocking Finished
Boomark finished
Summer Pattern finished
JCS 2001 Carol Emmer Aschenklaus
Finish Butterfly & Fruit Towel stitching on


Jade said...

August 7? Umm, congrats on your time machine! :)

karen said...

you've got alot of reading, etc to do girl! LOL
please take a look at my blog, i have nominated you with a Kreativ blog award. hugs

Mary Ann said...

Hi Shelleen, I have passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to you. You can read the details at my blog.

Erica said...

Hello there fellow New Yorker!
Love your blog!
Just wondered where LeRoy was.
I am in West Nyack, in the lower Hudson River Valley.