Monday, August 11, 2008


I have been stitching on JCS 2001 Carol Emmer Aschenklauus. He seems to be a little work since there is a lot of color changes but also only a little bit of backstitching which will be great.

While stitching last night I watched License To Wed. It was a fun movie to watch and Robin Williams is always a delight.

Last week I finished listening to The Good Guy by Dean Koontz. Another great novel of his.

The next audiobook that I am listening to is The Husband by Dean Koontz. I will probably start it tomorrow.

Tonight , while I was stitching, I watched The Lost Boys: The Tribe. It is a sequel from The Lost Boys that was made in the 80's. it had both Corey Heim and Cory Feldman in it. I started watching it and it got gory from the beginning so I was going to turn it off but I decided to finish it. it was ok.

I have to tell you what happened to Dylan(ds#2) and I yesterday. Scott (DH) wanted me to go to the Rez for cigarettes. I don't smoke but him and Dylan do. Scott was working so Dylan and I dropped off my car at his work and I grabbed his truck. I wasn't going to waste my gas going there LOL. So I have a spare key for the truck on my key chain. I did tell Dylan to grab Scott's keys but he said no we would use mine. Dylan was driving. So we head out and the closer we get there the worse the weather is. Then it pours as we pull into the parking lot. So we get wet going into the store. I grab 3 cartons of cigarettes and while paying Dylan goes out to the truck. I get close to the truck and see the problem right away. We FORGOT that my spare key does not work in the doors. So we can't get into the truck. Dylan calls Scott and says, yes this works. Hold your cell phone next to your remote and unlock the doors while Dylan has his cell phone next to the locked door. Well of course I knew it wouldn't work. So we have to call the sheriff's office. I am not thrilled about this because alot of people buy more cartons of cigarettes than are allowed and I certainly don't want anyone to get into trouble. But Dylan calls and they don't know if they can help us since we already have the key. What difference does that make? Meanwhile Scott has my car at the station but he doesn't carry a spare key for my car and is still working there. he tells some customers what had happened and one customer came right back and said she lived by the store and could drop his set of keys off to us. GREAT!!! so I have Dylan call the Sheriff's office and cancel our call for help but thank you very much. Meanwhile it is just downpouring out and everyone is getting soaked. By the time we left it was stopping. we were there for about 1 1/2 hours. Talk about a waste of my day LOL. Plus it is another 45min- 1 hour drive back home. And I still had to go grocery shopping LOL. So from now on I told Dylan to grab his dad's keys and not use my spare. Mine only works in the ignition. it used to work in the doors but no longer does.


Sharon said...

Goodness what a long day! Nice start on your wip.

Irishenchantment said...

oh looking good cant wait to see it growing :)