Monday, August 25, 2008

a crazy weekend, a finish and a new start

Thursday night Justin started crying that he didn't want to go to college. I told him it was just his nerves and he gets anxiety attacks and he would be ok. Friday morning he loaded up his car and he still wasn't feeling better. We had to wait for Scott and Dylan, to get back from the dentists office til we all left. So they get home and Justin fit everything into his car so we don't need to load up the truck. Dylan rides with Justin and I am in the truck with Scott. We get to the college and they have signs of where to go depending on what dorm you are in. So we get there and we go in the dorm and get all the paperwork filled out and his dorm key. The guy handing out the key said that Justin's roommate hasn't checked in yet so Justin can pick out the good shit in the room LOL. So we go up and he picks his bed, desk and dresser. We then go down and there is a moving in table. Justin signs up and a golf cart with 2 wagons hooked up to it, pull up and we hop in. it takes us to the car and loads everything into the wagons. We go back to the dorm. Now this is the interesting thing. There is no elevators in the dorm and he is on the 3rd floor. They pull up underneath a window and load everything onto a lift, like what painters us. We go wait up in Justin's room. They get up to the window of the hallway and load everything onto a cart and that is pushed to Justin's room and we then unload. Wow, pretty easy and organized. I make Justin's bed and puts everything away. His roommate and his mom show up and we all get introduced. Scott and Dylan go outside and Justin is still unsure. Well he finally reveals that he will miss his friends. He has gone to the same school all of his school years with the same friends. This is a big change. I told him this is adult life now and this will happen all through his adulthood. Then we finally leave. I am ok to this point til we get into the parking lot and we walk past Justin's car to get to the truck and that is when I start crying. it only last about 2 minutes and then I was fine. Justin had to go and take care of things and get his books , so he did that all weekend. He did come home for a short time on Sunday. College is 40 minutes away and he is still keeping his job. I did talk to him today and he had 4 classes. he is doing much better.

Saturday I had an appointment with Dish Network from noon-5. Ok, I didn't clean or run anything so I wouldn't miss the guy. 2:30 I get a phone call that he will be here around 4:30. By 5:30 there is still no one here. My family is hungry and I still needed to get groceries. So we go to the store and we get home , unload the car and start supper. it is now 7pm and the cable guy shows up. Good thing this was a no charge service. he apologizes and has to move the Dish to a new location and then he is on his way and Scott is happy because the Dish is working again.

Sunday Scott always works at the station and he likes me to get him a coffee around 9 am so Dylan and I head out to do that and then we go to Target, which I haven't liked yet. I need to get flea dip for the cats and dog. This summer has been a bad one around here. So of course Target does not have this either. As always I walk out of the store empty handed. So what else is new and I am DONE with this store. Walmart is down the road and the store I always find what i want, I had to give Target one more chance though. So Dylan and I are looking for the dip and we find flea shampoo. I read the directions and it says to lather the cats and let it sit for 5 minutes. Are they serious? We are talking cats who hate baths and they want me to leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse it off? uh uh. So I go to the dog section and there is the flea dip for cats and dogs. I also buy the same brand Home Spray as well. So we go home. Dylan says lets get Speedy(1 year old) first. Now this cat does not like Dylan or Scott. So Dylan tries to dunk him right into the bucket of solution. Just picture a frog and having his back legs stretched out LOL. This is not going to work. So I hold the cat by the front of his throat and douse him with the dip. He is soaked and Dylan tells me to be careful that I don't choke the cat. I said the cat is just fine at which point he makes a gagging noise like I choked him. Good timing and sympathy on his part. Dylan dried him off with the towel and away he goes. Dylan grabs his cat which ways around 20 lbs. This should be fun. he was pretty good while Dylan held him and I doused him with the dip. Then is The Outsider, named after the movie. it was a phase of Dylan's. He sits in the tub and looks at us like ok I will sit here but hurry up and get this over with. he is done and one more cat to go. The 14 year old cat who under no certain terms lets us know he will do this. He bushed out his tail, growled and hissed at us and scratched us up. Fine be that way. Scott will do it when he gets home, it is his cat anyways. Now it is the dog's turn and he has already seen what happend to the cats and is not interested. So here I am sweet talking my 99 lb rottie/shepherd mix that I am doing this for his own good. He gets in the tub and mopes while I dip him all over. But you know dogs, he looked at me and shook so now I am soaked with flea dip LOL.. Scott got home and we did manage to get the other cat. Then I vacuumed and shampooed
carpets, dried them with fans and then sprayed the whole house with the spray, all except for my bedroom and I ran out of spray. So this weekend my bedroom will get it. Either you are still reading this and getting bored or laughing picturing us all getting wet and having cranky cats. None of the cats were mad at us by the way and let us love them right up.

So today I go to Curves before going to work. get home, start laundry and hang up curtains that I had washed. Did the dishes and started supper. Then I finally got to sit down and stitch, after reading emails and blogs. While online I watched a couple of episodes of General Hospital. I finished watching the rest while stitching. I also watched Skinwalkers on Netflix, which I did like. I finished JCS 2001 Linda Reeves Snow Glow and then started JCS 2001 Chessie & Me's Chessie & Friend. I got the tail done.

While cleaning today I also listened to The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz. I really like this audiobook.


Sandy P said...

Awe big hugs mom I'm sure your heart was breaking leaving your baby to join the big world. It is a very stressful time.
Your flea dip was very funny, I hope it isn't often you have to do this.
Your orni is beautiful. Great stitching. Sandy P.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that I'm done laughing at the flea dips ... ;o)
Please give Justin a hug for me when you see him. It was Kel's weekend to move to college, too, and was equally hard for her - for the same reasons. She's settling in - had 2 of her classes yesterday, 2 new ones today. I've said the same things to her as you have to Justin: these are all the steps they have to take, we've all been there & survived ... all the same motherly advice. ;o) I know he'll do well!
Want to get together for a cryfest???

jezebelsk said...

I don't envy you with the flea issue, we had them very bad years ago. This year we're good - the fleas don't like the 7th floor, I guess! I'd be miserable with fleas now - 2 black cats!

Poor Justin! I'm sure a great kid like him will make new friends fast. And 40 minutes isn't that bad. That whole lift thing is bizarre but wonderful! Saves your backs going up 2 flights of stairs!

Courtney said...

please tell Justin that months from now, he'll never believe that he felt the way that he does right now. I remember when I first moved out (I commuted for the first few years), my parents helped me move into my own apartment - went from living at home to on my own, by myself - my parents left me, and my mom just lost it...bawling in the hallway where I could hear her!! That was when I started thinking "oh man something's wrong!" :o)

I got the "mom" talk again when I moved even further away to a bigger university and was just shocked at how big it was! I can't tell you how wonderful that "mom" talk is, so even if Justin doesn't tell you - it's appreciated!!

Sandy said...

OMG! Can you put a warning your title or something. I almost peed on myself while reading about the cats.....that was too funny. I'm still laughing. Thanks for that. :D I just buy the largest Advantage at the Vet, get a TB syringe and use one tube on all 5 of my animals. It's easier I think. I'm thinking you would need a seperate one for the 99lb. dog though.

I'm so sorry Justin is having a hard time with college. I'm sure you miss him too. I know it's hard to leave all your friends, he'll make new ones soon though. At least he's not that far away and can visit often.

Hugs to you.

ow bin ya said...

Loved the story about flea dipping the cats, lol, sounds as that was fun & games. I take the easy way and buy ampulets from the vets, lol.
By the way when i opened your blog to read i had to start hunting around for my mobile phone, thought i had a call, took me ages to find it only to realise that you had Guns & Roses playing on your blog, lol, i have that ring tone on my phone!!! great tune eh?

Beth said...

I am really impressed with the way Justin's school came up with that idea - good thinking!! I know Justin will be fine. He is such a personable young man, he will have a ton of friends by this weekend!!
As a non cat owner, I found your story funny and even I could see the picture!! Talk about multi - tasking - you are the queen!! I really like your snow globe and can't believe you can stitch and do all those other things at the same time!