Monday, September 01, 2008

haven't felt like stitching

since last Tuesday. Wednesday my little grey cat, who is a year old, snuck out on me and I couldn't get him back in the house. So my sis and I sat down to eat and heard a noise outside. She asked what that was and I said I hope not Speedy. I look out the window and sure enough he had been hit by a car. I have been trying to keep most of my cats indoors because they end up getting hit. Even though we are in the country. he has been my companion for a year. We got him the Friday before Labor Day , last year. He sleeps around my neck and follows me all around the house. I am having a really hard time with this and trouble with sleeping. Have not been in a mood to do anything. One of my other cats misses him because they played together all the time. It was a young man that hit the cat and I only know that because he turned around and came here to apologize. He was driving a pick up truck with a wagon attached to it and he tried avoiding the cat but the wagon got him. I told him that it was an accident and my sister told him that it was nice of him to come back and tell us. it is just not the same around this house without him. None of my other cats are lap cats or as lovey as he was.

Today I decided to pull out my stitching and start Glory Bee's BYOB (Bring Your Own Broom) and not sure if others were joining me as a SAL. I think it will be a quick stitch. But starting tomorrow I do have to start stitching for 2 Halloween exchanges so I will work on this again when they are done.

This weekend on VH1 classics it was 80 hours of the 80's so I kept watching that and the weather channel to keep updated on Hurricane Gustav and Hannah. My prayers go out to all of you affected by this storm.

Gail - I have emailed you twice to see about getting together to stitch. I think it would be a lot of fun. I also have a friend in Ransomville that I get together with and am hoping to meet more in our area.


Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. (((HUGS)))

Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Oh no! I'm almost in tears just reading this post. I am a massive animal lover (2 dogs, 1 cat, turtles, rats, hedgehog... all in my 2 bedroom flat) and I'd be absolutely devastated if that had happened to any of mine.

I'm sooo so sorry :( It's totally understandable that you don't feel like doing anything. I mean you mourn with animals just the same as anyone else. You spend more time with them than most people you know and get more unconditional love and affection from them in most cases.

It WAS really nice of that guy to come back. Most people wouldn't. I'm sure he must have felt terrible too.


Anonymous said...

so sorry about your cat...I have one and would be lost if something happened to him.

I haven't received either of your emails...I don't know why.. hmmm
maybe I will try to email you!


Anonymous said...

haha! can't swnd you an email without your email addie...thought it was on your blog....well..please try again..


jezebelsk said...

So sorry about your cat. It was really kind of the guy to come back and talk to you. I guess God needed another cat in heaven. (hugs)

Meari said...

Sorry about your kitty, Shelleen. :(

Sharon said...

Shelleen, I am very sorry to hear about your kitty. (((hugs)))