Tuesday, September 02, 2008

some stitching but no pics

I am stitching on exchanges so i can't show any progress pics. I am stitching for 2 Halloween exchanges.

Rachel , thanks for the help with post dating. I did that 3 times last night and all it kept telling me is it would be published on the day I had postdated and would not show up on my blog. It worked tonight though.

Gayle , I emailed you again and maybe my emails are going in your junk folder as it doesn't recognize my email addy? anyways you can email me needeler@gmail.com

Anyone watch the new 90210 that was on the CW? it was the 2 hour premier. Justin had to work after classes so he came home and watched it with me before heading to his dorm. it was pretty good.
I also watched today's episode of General Hospital.

Tomorrow Dylan starts his Junior year in High School. Where does the time go?

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Ruth said...

I don't know where the time goes, but apparently it comes back again.. the return of 90210--- I think I might be scared. :)