Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some pics

I stitched on TW The Storyteller, over the weekend. I didn't get quite as much stitched on it as I would have liked but a little bit is better than nothing.
Today I received my halloween exchange from Angela (tweetybird61) through Cross Stitch Pals it is a ornament and a really cute pin that I just love. Thank you so much!!

Right now I am stitching on an exchange for another board.

I am listening to the audiobook In the Dark of the Night by John Saul and am hooked on it.

have also been watching TV. Sunday night was another episode of True Blood on HBO. I did like this episode better than the 1st one. I had written down that House was on tonight but I wrote down 9pm instead of 8pm and missed it and to watch it on FOX.com I have to wait 8 days :-(


jezebelsk said...

That pin is adorable! You're making good progress, too!

Barb said...

Great progress on The Story Teller. It will be pretty when done.

Anonymous said...

hi shelleen!
I love your storyteller! looking real good!
can't wait to come over and have a stitching day with you!

Sharon said...

Storyteller is looking wonderful. That was a really cute exchange you received! Sorry you missed your program. I hate when that happens. I have been watching the second season of Criminal Minds on DVD, Have you ever watched this series?

Lennu said...

Your WIP is beautiful! And what a lovely exchange!!