Saturday, September 27, 2008


Have you ever read other blogs that gave you inspiration? I have had a few the past couple of days. First was Becky's Blog and her finishes and her way of sorting her stash. I have so many projects kitted up that I like her idea of sorting them into small, medium, and large and then rotating on getting them done. I am always in awe of her blog.
Next is Ruth's blog . She is having a finishing weekend next weekend and asked anyone who wants to join in. So I have a lot of October and Halloween pieces stitched up and need finishing. So I am asking all of my readers to join in on this and my house is open all next weekend for anyone that is not to far from me to come join me at my house, and bring all your finished items. I believe that I will do this the first weekend of every month and my house will always be open whether you want to put your pieces into finishes or just bring your cross stitching. I am in western NY and if interested email me needeler @ gmail dot com without the spaces of course.
For finishing ideas and tutorials visit Focus on Finishing blog . This is a great site and very helpful.

As for me this weekend and everyone that has posted about my health. I am fine. I had some sinus issues which always kick my butt but I am much better now. Thank you so much for your concerns. I mailed out 2 exchanges but never took pics before I mailed them. Today I worked at our church. I had to make soup as this weekend is the AppleUmpkin Festival. There were quite a few people there. Tomorrow is Scott's family reunion. I am also stitching once in a while on TW The Storyteller. I will share pics tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow night. Don't forget it is the season premier of Desperate Housewives. I will definitely be watching that.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Well I jumped over to Ruth's blog and you are right, I was definitely inspired by all her finishing accomplishments. Glad you are feeling better, wish I lived close by. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

Sharon said...

Hi Shelleen, glad to hear you are feeing better. I will look forward to seeing all your finishing,