Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WIP pics and pet pics

I stitched some more on Hallween Fairy on Sunday. So 1/4 of it is done.
Saturday I finished another square on Quilt Sampler.
I took pics of our new cat but took one of the dog as well. This is my baby Dreyx. He is 8 1/2 years old, rottie/shepherd mix. Him and the cat hit it off as soon as she came out of the pet carrier.
This is Molly. Her eyes get runny once in awhile. The shelter wasn't sure if it was allergies or stress. They were giving her a cream for it. The first 2 days we brought her home they were bad but seem to be getting better. if not then I will have to call our vet and see what they can do for her. She is such a lovey cat and sleeps all night with me.
She is a little butterball and has a small head for her big body LOL. I call her Miss Molly and Dylan calls her Molly Moo.

I had preop this morning. They drew blood and took chest xrays. Tomorrow afternoon i have to call to see what time my surgery is and when to get to the hospital.

Tonight I listened to more of My Sisters Keeper while stitching on the RR
Tomorrow will be my last day at work for a few weeks. The only thing bad about that is no pay. I work 27-32 hours a week and am part time. My employer only pays disability for full time employees. So no stash buying for a while.

I have a bunch of audiobooks downloaded into my computer and have 6 more sitting here to put on my computer so I am hoping to get a lot of them listened to while laid up. Plus movies in the evenings. Also lots of stitching time in. Maybe a couple of big finishes. But I will not make any promises :-)


Anonymous said...

I will be praying! I have a car now so I can come and keep you company while you are recouperating! we can stitch together...and I have tons of mystic stitch patterns I don't want so I can bring them over and see if you wanna stitch them ...I also want to bring that linen to you that I didn't want...Take care (((HUGS))) ~~Gayle

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Miss Molly is beautiful. Take it easy on yourself and try to ejoy what you can of your time off. Hope things go super q2uick and easy tomorrow. CJ ok;-)

Lynn B said...

In my thoughts when you have your op, you will feel like a new woman when you recover!
Love the work in progress and the pets of course.

Suzie said...

Your Molly is beautiful, and no doubt SO thankful that you found her!

And yes, your vet should be able to help her with her weepy eyes. We have a rescued cat that had the same problem, and with proper care, it cleared up.

Of course, you have to post a photo of Dreyx too! We don't want his feelings to be hurt! And he is a most handsome guy!! I'm so happy for all of you, that they have gotten along, right from the start.

Your stitching projects are wonderful!! Your Halloween Fairy looks so delicate and graceful, and your Quilt Sampler is so colorful and fun! Your stitching on both is exquisite! Thanks so much for the updates!

I'll continue to send healing thoughts and prayers your way! And try not to stress about missing work, and that pay. You need toa concentrate on relaxing and letting your body heal. It sounds like you have some excellent diversions lined up to help you do just that! lol

Post when you can, to let us know how you are doing, but in the meantime, know that we are all thinking of you!

Erica said...

Molly is a sweetie! Great that she gets along so well! Nice when it works out that way.
I will keep a good thought for you during your surgery!
Your downstate friend,

Sharon said...

Molly is a cutie! I can see why you couldn't get her out of your head!

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. Let us know how you're doing.

Barb said...

Nice stitching pieces. Molly is so cute. glad her and the dog get along so well. My cat has had a problem with his eyes running for years and the Vet said it's something that comes and goes in some cats and jsut told me not to worry about it, He's 16 1/2 now and he's still doing just great. Hope your surgery goes well.

SueFitz said...

Can you tell me who does the quilt sampler - it looks wonderful

Kathy A. said...

Nice progress on Halloween Fairy. I love how your Quilt Sampler is coming together.

Dawn said...

Oh your puppy dog is so cute! Molly is gorgeous, too!