Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am back!!!

Had a nice vacation. It was a little crazy though. Friday before we left I was sick so I made an appointment to see the doctor. He said I had viral sinusitis. He gave me nose spray and an antibiotic just in case I got worse in MB, only take it if I got worse.Left Saturday morning and it rained and some states downpoured. Cars turned over and an SUV on its roof. Very bad conditions. We got to Rocky Mount, NC early evening and spent the night there. Hung out at the mall and ate at Shoney's for dinner, before heading to bed.
Left Sunday morning for MB. Better weather and warmer. We got to the Sea Mist Resort and checked in but room wasn't ready yet so we went to K & W Cafeteria for lunch. Then DH wanted to go to the flea market up the road. DS#1 and I stayed in the truck while he did that.
Checked into our room, which was small but nice. The resort was full so I couldn't change to a bigger room.
Monday morning still wasn't feeling any better so I started the antibiotic. Went to the new mall as it was raining. That was a bad mistake since I wasn't feeling well. Had dinner at Crabby Mike's seafood buffet, mmmmm.
Tuesday more of the Pals came and met them for lunch. Had a good time. Had dinner at Nascar Cafe. Wednesday morning woke up to my ear being plugged up. More Pals came in and had a good time stitching. Went to Fudrucker's for dinner. Thursday was nice out and shopped and stitched. Friday was beautiful, shopped and stitched. Still not feeling better. Had pizza and wings with the Pals, for dinner. Then had our grab bag exchange. Which can get ugly :-) when we steal from each other. Had a great time. We also did the ornament exchange and since I took 10 with me then I received 10 back. Saturday morning DH took me to the ER about my ear. I have a middle ear infection so he put me on amoxicillon and Vicodin for pain. I haven't had any ear pain though. I am having troubles with my one elbow so I do take one at night for that. Went shopping some more LOL. Had lunch at The Liberty at Broadway At The Beach. Had dinner at T Bonz. Very good meals all week. Evening was games and local flavor exchange and stitcher's showcase, which I didn't do. Sunday morning left for home.

I bought 4 books all together at 2 Books A Million, we don't have those stores here. I bought:
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison
Bitten- Kelley Armstrong
Bubbles Unbound- Sarah Strohmeyer
Candy Apple Dead- Sammi Carter

I was really good stash shopping, I did buy a nice bag, like a vera Bradley Bag. Has a wild animal print. A wolf chart, petite needles, 11 bookmarks and a yard of afghan material.

Got home Sunday night at 11:30, picked up my dog, from the kennel at 8:30am. He was very happy to see me and he chewed up his blanket and their towels. I was surprised as he is not a chewer. He has not left my side since then. Gets mad when I leave to go to town. The cats were happy to see us as well.
My elbow is getting worse and my ear is still plugged so calling my doctor today.

Justin had a soccer game last night but I didn't want to be out in the cool wind. We won.
I know this is probably alot of info but had to make up for all the time I was gone LOL.

I did start stitching an ornament in MB and finished it Monday, at home. I will post a pic later. I am also stitching up November Flower Bear and should be done today.

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Kiwi Jo said...

Sorry you've been sick Shelleen. I love Vera Bradley bags!