Thursday, October 20, 2005

Todays thoughts

I ended up not stitching the rest of the day yesterday. I watched Lost and Invasion that I had taped last Wednesday, while on vacation. Then I watched the new shows last night.
I have a doctor's appointment today to see how my ear is doing and also to discuss my elbow with him
DS#1 has his last soccer game, of the season, today after school. It is against the school I graduated from.
Today I will stitch on a small MH kit :-) I work on these on Thursdays. Will watch Joey and Will & Grace, that I taped last week so I can watch tonights episodes. I also tape Smallville and Everwood so will try to watch what I have taped as well. Well I should say some shows are taped and some are on DVR.

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BeckySC said...

Hey you :)
I am glad you are back and that you had a good time DESPITE being sick the whole time! I hope you feel better soon!!!
I had a problem for over 6 months with my elbow after doing all the beading on July's Amethyst Fairy (I beaded on the table and my elbow rolled on the hard suface for two days of beading and it gave me tendonitis???? (sp)) so I know how painful an elbow injury/ailment can be. I hope yours will be better soon. My doctor gave me a lecture...rofl!

Thank you for your call yesterday. I appreciate it so much. I am feeling better today...still have the headache and waves of nausea on occasion, but things are slowly getting back to normal-I just let the e-mail upset me too much and made myself sick.

Your DM ornie and the FB are cute! Congrats on your finishes!!!

We will talk soon :)
Love ya!