Friday, October 07, 2005

saying goodbye

I leave tomorrow morning for Myrtle Beach and the Cross Stitch Pals Reunion. That starts Thursday but my family goes early so we can have a vacation together. We are all excited but some of us are sick and hoping to get better. DS#1 has a cough and sore throat , he will see the Doctor today. DS#2 had a cold which triggered his asthma and the doctor wanted to see him for a recheck before we leave so he is seeing the doctor today as well. I had a sore throat yesterday and now have all this junk in my throat so I need to take some meds today, probably just sinus meds. DH feels great!
My computer gets shut off in a few minutes and won'e be back on til I get back on the 17th. I will miss all of you {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}



Zohrah said...

Enjoy the trip and hope that everyone would be well by the time you get back online.

Saw your halloween exchange for Kiwijo, I think you did a wonderful job and very pretty cube. :)

Carol said...

Hope you have a great time!!!

Zohrah said...

Today is 17th, welcome back and do tell how was the trip and everything else. Is everyone better now? :)