Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rainy and Gloomy

no sunshine at all. Good day to stay ina nd stitch don'tcha think? LOL
Yesterday I stitched up Birdhouse by Debbie Mumm. I have one more ornament to stitch out of this leaflet and then it will go to someone else. Now I have to decide what other leaflet to work out of :-)
Today would have been I Shall Wear Purple SAL day but since it is the 25th I will be stitching on a JCS ornament in honor of Christmas. I will be stitching a Vermillion ornament from the 2003 issue. Don't think I can get it all done today but will try :-)
Yesterday I got caught up on 7th Heaven and Medium , while stitching, But last night's 7th Heaven was a repeat :-(. I enjoyed Medium though. Today I need to watch Veronica Mars. I believe I have 2-3 episodes to watch, then I found the last O.C. that I forgot to watch so will have to watch that today as well. Tonight is Supernatural :-)
Also am getting a little bit of reading time in and am still reading Frankenstein by Dean Koontz .

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