Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lazy Day

I have been a little busy for a few days.
Thursday- got up and took my shower. As soon as I stepped out and grabbed a towel, the power went out. I was thankful that I still didn't have shampoo in my hair but how was I supposed to blow dry and make it look nice for Thanksgiving day. Power was back on in 30 min. So I missed about 45 minutes of the Macy's Parade. Sat down and stitched while watching the parade and then the dog show. Made the tossed salad after that. Dylan came home from work so we took off for my parent's house. Justin was at his friend's house for a few days so he met us there. Had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents , my sis and bil. My dad seemed to be doing a little better while we were there.

Friday- Dylan wanted me to take him and a friend to the mall so after I worked out at Curves, we headed for the mall. Was packed and I did end up with a pretty decent parking spot. He bought Scott's Christmas gift, bought me lunch and the way we were since he had to be at work by 2. Scott was out hunting and Justin had to work 7am-10am and then back to work again from 4pm-7pm. Scott came home and then we went to his parent's for a family get together. In the afternoon I did get a lot of stitching time in on the stocking while watching the DVR shows:
Ghost Whisperer - 11/9
Women's Murder Club - 11/9
Desperate Housewives 11/11
Smallville 11/15

Today is lazy day. Got up and sorted through the laundry for washing. Washed my face with noxzema and decided no makeup today and wearing lazy clothes, t shirt with sweatpants LOL. I am a sight let me say. Scott and Dylan went hunting for the day and Justin had to work at the station 7am-2:30. I washed dishes and vacuumed and have laundry going all day. After checking everything online I will then sit and stitch on stocking and watch DVR shows, almost caught up. I just remembered I have a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on the VCR as well LOL.

My computer still isnt online so still using Dylan's laptop, and wait til I can post a pic of the progress on the stocking, I have gotten a lot accomplished on it.

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