Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Night Before Christmas

I finished some more of the verse and I stitched the moon and started the cuff of the stocking, but you can't see that because it is white.

While stitching I listened to Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I have 6 more chapters to listen to. I am hoping to finish breaking Dawn, tomorrow. I also watched Lost.

During my view of General Hospital I also wound more floss on bobbins. This is the only time during the week that i do this, is while watching my soap.


Carolyn NC said...

Lovely. You know when you said "little Ole Me", I thought you meant little old you!

Dawn said...

I just love that pattern! You are doing a great job on it!! Where did you find it?

Susan said...

Hi Shelleen,
I just came across your blog and walked around here and read some of your post, you do great stitches!! :)
I really love your 'Night Before Christmas'!!! It's looking great!
Happy stitchingday/eve! I will stop by your blog again,
Greetings Susan