Monday, March 09, 2009

playing catch up

I have been meaning to post all weekend but with all the heavy rain we were getting and the fog I either could not get online or kept getting disconnected while posting. So since I have been tossing and turning , in bed for an hour, I thought I would post while I could.

Thursday was a pretty good day at work. Came home and wound some more floss on bobbins, for about an hour. Then I listened to Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer while stitching on The Christmas Angel from one of The Cross Stitcher issues.
I also received my first Silkweaver fabric of the month. It is an 18x26 piece of 28 ct cashel linen called Raging Storm. I didn't take a pic though.

Friday I got a promotion to assistant manager and a raise. I was surprised and thankful for that. Came home and wanted to celebrate but DH had to go into work for OT so he couldn't go. Dylan and his girlfriend went with me and we decided on Mexican food so we went to Margarita's and had good food and fun. Came home and stitched on Waxing Moon's Star & Stripes Forever. I also watched Ghost Whisperer and Dollhouse. Then I finished listening to Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I did enjoy this audio and give it a 4 star rating. it would have gotten a 5 star but I think she dragged it out just a little to much.

Saturday Scott and I went to the Rez so he could get cigarettes and we stopped at Denny's for breakfast,mmmmm. I came home and did dishes and then took a nap. For some reason I was tired all day and didn't have the energy to do anything. I blame the crappy weather. Scott had been wanting Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut so I ordered and we took off to pick it up. A 20-25 minute drive away but oh so worth it :-) Then Scott fell asleep on the couch. I sat with his feet on my lap and read about 4 pages of Key Lime Pie Murder and then I fell asleep. 2 hours later I decided that we should just go to bed LOL. I did remember to move our clocks ahead.
Sunday was spent shopping. Justin and I have been wanting a wii and I wanted the wii fit. So Dylan and I took off and went to Best Buy and got it plus an extra controller and nunchuck(?) Then we went grocery shopping. Came home and set up the wii. I didn't even get to fit yet. We were boxing as it came with the sports game. OMG what fun it was and what a workout as we used it intensely, the reason that I got the wii. I was winded and working up a sweat.
Started some laundry and read some emails til the internet went out again. Then I pulled out a Halloween chart. This is Pumpkin by Sweetheart Tree from the JCS October 2008 issue. I do not have a piece of gingham that it called for but I like this color. I also have to buy a package of beads for this and I am not going to get the charm for this as I don't think it needs it.
Tonight I watched most of Extreme Home Makeovers and then Justin and I watched Desperate Housewives.

I have a bookcross meeting tonight at Panera Bread and then will stitch on a RR , when I get home and watch all my shows tonight.

I think I am all caught up on my news and pics. This weeks audiobook is Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson. if I finish it I will start The Quickie by James Patterson.


Nessa G. said...

The angel is looking just beautiful! What kind of fabric is that for the Waxing Moon piece? I love the color.

Donna said...

The angel is really pretty. Busy weekend for you. Congrats on the promotion!

Lana said...

Angel is beautiful! Congratulatuons on the promotion! What a lovely surprise!

Loretta said...

Beautiful Angel!!!!!!!! Congrats on the promotion!!!!!!!

drea_dear said...

What a busy week! Congrats on your promotion. Great stitching this week!

CindyMae said...

CONGRATS on the promotion!!! That is great news! I love all your progress!!

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations on the promotion! I always enjoy seeing your stitching progress.

Carolyn NC said...

Angel is looking great! Congrats on the job promotion!

Susan said...

Congrats on your promotion at work!
I love the Angel is looking great!
Good luck by using the Wii and I really think it would be difficult stitching while listenig to audiobook, compliments on that! ;) (I think I couldnt do that while stitching ;))
Wishing you a happy stitchingday and greetings from Holland,

Wendy said...

Your angel looks so beautiful. Congrats on your promotion!!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely progress on all your stitches. You sure have been busy. I finally have a chance to sit down and catch up on blogs and was happy to see all the wonderful things you have done.

Erica said...

I love looking at all your stitching projects! They are all so colorful.
I can't wait to finish up my rug so I can start taking on more stitching projects. At the moment I can only manage one at a time with the rug.
Congrats on your raise! Well done!

BeckySC said...

All your WIP's are looking great, Shell :) Congratulations on your promotion :)
((((((((hugs to you my friend)))))))