Saturday, March 21, 2009

too tired this weekend

I am Dreyx and I am posting for my mom. See she had a really hard day at work yesterday and I guess she couldn't handle it. I keep thinking I am way older than her in dog years so what is the problem?
Anyways she came home from work and said she was not going to cook dinner, well you know the father isn't going to cook anything so out came the wallet. Then they took off in that thing called the truck. I don't care what it is called but I am getting really tired of being left behind. Anyways, while I am at home they must have had a feast somewheres because they came home with a bucket full of food that smelled really good. Then I hear it is not for the dog. Well geesh no car ride and no food and they call us loyal? You should have heard the 3 cats meowing like they hadn't eaten in days. You should see one of those cats though. His stomach practically hits the ground when he walks.
Anyways mom filled this plastic tub up with water and set her feet in it , while stitching. Befor I knew it there were bubbles all over the floor. Now if I get water on the floor it isn't a pretty sight. So mom sat there stitching and relaxing while watching some TV show called Dollhouse. But I saw her head nod a couple of times, don't know where the needle was going at that point. I think she put in about 20 stitches and then told dad it was time to go to bed.
She plans on sitting on her butt all day today stitching and watching movies, and they call it a dog's life. I am sure she will post tomorrow all of her stitching accomplishments.


Carolyn NC said...

Too funny, Shelleen! Hope you get some great stitching time in today!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable post. I hope you get plenty of rest this weekend.{{{Hugs}}}]

CJ said...

What a cute story. I am sure that is how my dog feels some days.

Have a relaxing weekend.


Lana said...

Gosh your dog is smart to get on the computer and post a photo of themself and then write all that stuff! Wow! lol! Very cute!

Donna said...

You had a dog's day didn't you and you were just dog tired, I bet! LOL. Get some rest.