Sunday, March 15, 2009

stitching and finishing

Saturday I went grocery shopping with Scott. Came home and stitched a little bit on the Quilt sampler. Scott had the remote so we kind of just fell asleep watching junk.
Today was my finishing day. I had 2 more ornaments but didn't feel like pulling out the sewing machine. I also have a SB Spring to make into a pillow but need to get fabric for it. So I did 2 pinkeeps and a framed piece plus the March piece for the cork board.
This is our cat The Outsider. He kept meowing to go out. he is the only cat that we let out.
This is Rascal and thinks he owns the house. I have another cat but he was hiding. I also have a dog but for some reason as soon as I put the camera up to my face he runs into another room. Silly dog.

Pumpkin - The Sweetheart Tree
JCS October 2008 issue

Today I stitched on Pumpkin.

I also watched some TV:
DVD- Changeling - really good
DVR: General Hospital , Smallville, and Supernatural
tonight: Desperate Housewives


Natasha said...

ypur finishes are great. I am going to make my very first pin keep this week. Wish me luck :)

Your furbabies are very very cute.

Loretta said...

Great finishes.

Love the pictures of your cats. I have one those camera shy dogs too. Every time I point the camera at her she walks out of the room LOL.

Susan said...

The quilt sampler looks nice, love the colours!!
Sweet cats you havce!
happy stitching and greetings,
From Susan

drea_dear said...

I really like the corkboard! Is it a kit, or is there a tutorial somewhere? I would love to do that!

CindyMae said...

Pumpkin looks awesome!! I love your finishes especially the cork board! Your kitties are just gorgeous too!!

Karen said...

Nice job on your finishing. Your quilt sampler is really coming along. happy stitches...

Maren said...

I liked the Changeling, too. Makes me want to dig my reference books out of storage to look up how closely Hollywood stayed to the facts. How horrible, if they were spot on.

I love your quilt sampler! Very pretty.

Meari said...

You do such nice finishing, Shelleen. LOL @ "we fell asleep watching junk"

Milly~ said...

Nice stitching! Your quilt sampler is very pretty.