Monday, March 30, 2009

some questions for stitchers

1. Do you use the loop method? why or why not?
2. Do you railroad your stitches? the top and bottom stitch or just the top?
I have tons and tons of mags but only like a couple of charts but hate to cut up just the ones that I like. Do you cut yours up or just hold onto the whole mag?

I keep wanting to change my rotation. I really want to finish Quilt Sampler, Night Before Christmas , and Christmas Angel. So I am thinking after this RR, and 2 exchanges I need to stitch up, that I will work just on these 3. Plus my regular weekend WIP. How many times do you change your rotation?
so week 1 would be Quilt Sampler, week 2 Night Before Christmas, and week 3 Christmas Angel while week 4 would be a JCS ornament or 2. I joined 3 Christmas Ornament SAL groups but have only stitched one ornament this year. I need to stop the RRs and exchanges so I can get my things finished.

I also read another blog on where has the time gone. She talked about her son's birthday and how they grow up. I can certainly understand that. Last week was both of my boys' birthdays. Justin turned 19 and Dylan turned 17. What happened because I know I didn't age any. I feel the same :-).

Tonight I am just rambling so please forgive me. I did stitch for 3 hours on a RR and am hoping to finish it tomorrow night. I also want to play a little bit with my blog and get it ready for April/Easter.

I also watched:

I totally forgot to watch General Hospital that I had DVRd.


Janice said...

Love the quilt sampler! No, I don't use the loop method b/c that means the twist of the threads is opposed on each stitch and I don't think they lie as nicely, imho. Yes I rr, esp on my favorite projects when I'm working at making it as nice as possible. I like it best when I don't have to rr and the threads just lie perfectly all on their own. If I rr, I do top and bottom. Good questions! Happy Stitching.

Wendy said...

Hi Shelleen,

I was giving myself a rotation too, but I already gave up on it after 2 weeks. I'm stitching a HAED for the moment and I love doing it that I keep going on this one. Maybe we will feel better when we stitch what we feel like to stitch at the moment.

Have a nice day,

Ashley (The Euphoric Stitcher) said...

I use the loop method almost exclusively, unless my thread is too short. I really don't have any real reason as to why. And I don't railroad.

I tried doing a rotation, but I couldn't follow it. I just keep a few WIP's in my stitching area and stitch on what's screaming at me.

And House is one of my favorite shows!!

Carolyn NC said...

Geesh - I'm gone a couple of days & three posts! Girl, you are just a fast stitcher! As to your questions; loop method absolutely anytime I can. I RR every so often, especially someone else's piece or if it's a super nice project. Some mags I cut up, some I keep the whole thing. My ds just got married this weekend, so I'm really wondering where the time went!

Wendy said...

Great questions!

I loop whenever I am using normal floss. I cry (not truly) when I use overdyed floss because I hate excessive having excessive floss under my stitches on the back. And I am also a perpetual worrywart in that I've had several skilled teachers saying you only need to go under about three stitches on the back for your thread end to be secure... but I still do four or five stitches just to be safe. LOL

I rr whenever I notice the thread seeming excessively twisty. Typically I only do the top thread, but sometimes it's necessary to do both.

I have the same problem with magazines. I can't bear to cut them up, but I hate having the entire mag for one chart. *sigh*

Donna said...

I use the loop method with DMC. I have not found it makes any real difference in the "twist" of the threads. I have attended many stitching conferences and the general consensus is at this time it doesn't make a difference. But I never use it with specialty threads like GAST due to the variation in colors.
I do rr, but mostly on the top. I prefer not to.
I can't seem to get into rotation stitching for some reason.
And I keep the whole magazine.

Karen said...

I rarely use the loop method and I don't railroad my stitches either. I don't really have a rotation, but do have more going this year than I normally do. I don't have a set rotation but usually stitch whatever I am in the mood to do. I have several UFO's and have a fear of adding to them! Great questions...can't wait to see the progress on your stitching.

Siobhan said...

I use the loop method if using two strands of DMC, but not if using overdyeds. I do railroad my stitches if using 2 strands, but usually just the top leg. I also let my needle dangle often so that the twists are out of the thread. I try to stitch on 36 ct and above so I don't have to worry about the RR thing.

I don't have a lot of magazines because I recycle what I don't absolutely have to keep. If I have a nice chart that I like in a mag, I will keep it in a page protector and recycle the mag. I try to only keep SANQ and the JCS ornament issues.

Siobhan said...

Oh, sorry, about the rotations! I am trying to do a rotation where I work on the designated project of the day for an hour, and then move onto whatever I want to focus on, or keep stitching on the project of the day. I am anxious to keep working on Shores so might just let it go, or keep working on Shores till I can't stand it any longer. IMHO, rotations are great but don't beat yourself up if you decide to go off of it. There is enough that HAS to be done, let your stitching be fun and enjoyable because unless it's an exchange or a RR, nobody minds what you decide to work on!

Beth said...

I use the loop method with DMC, but not on the overdyeds. I don't rr, but I do let the needle dangle quite often.

I have way too many magazines, but I can't seem to give them up. If we end up selling our house and downsizing, I will have to rethink that.

I get bogged down when I try to do a rotation. It seems I don't "feel" like doing what I am supposed to on any given day. That must be the dissident in me. I am working on a UFO only on the weekends because it is too big to transport.

Great questions.

Fatema ( SL ) said...

What a lovely blog you have.
I really liked the Quilt Sampler.
I also have a rotation. I have 5 projects.

Kristi said...

I use the loop method unless I am using an overdyed. I also only railroad the top stitches - I have tried both, and didn't see much if any difference. I guess it might make a difference based on the count of the fabric though. I don't do things on a rotation - I should though, maybe I would actually finish something!

Jan said...

I do use the front loop method, when stitching with DMC or NPI silks. I use the pinhead stitch when working with definitely wastes less of the overdyeds and also gives a firm hold when beginning. I usually don't rr my stitches, just try to keep the thread from being tangled. I am a slow enough stitcher, and rr-ing just makes me slower.

Magazines, well I do keep most of them intact. I have magazine containers that I put them in and they are in my stash closet on the shelf. I go through them, everyone once in awhile and get rid of some that don't have anything worthwhile for me in them.

Hope you are successful with your new rotation!

I try to do a rotation, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I like setting goals for myself, each month, it helps me keep focuses, well sometimes!LOL