Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy January Challenge #13

It has been snowing all day, well at work anyways. It wasn't snowing at home til tonight. Big fat flakes :-)
Did up some laundry and cleaned the kitchen a little.
Justin has informed me that he is moving into an apartment with at least 1 friend, maybe 2. I am happy for him. What a huge change for me, with both boys moved out. Scott works 3rd shift and doesn't eat supper with me so lots of changes in cooking. No more having to have snacks in the house and deli meat lol. If it works out then my craft room will get moved again as that is the bigger bedroom. But I told him I would wait a few months in case he can't afford the apartment.
Now onto tonight's stitching. I started Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon's Easter Egg Paw fob. Done on 28 ct linen, light green, with DMC and Kreiniks.
Only 2 more days of this challenge and then onto a couple of small SALs and my HAED and UFOs. This will be a good year, I can feel it :-)

I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice was supposed to be on but they put a new show on instead , not very happy here.


valerie said...

I hope Justin enjoys being on his own! No Private Practice? Oh noes...must be that weird new doctors in the jungle show. It's just going into primetime tv and stitchy time. :)

Julie M said...

I was upset with the change in TV last night too. I'd already watched the new show the night before!

Good Luck to Justin. I hope it works out for him!