Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy January Challenge #15

This is the last day! Now to finish them all this year :-) This has been fun and am hoping to do it again next year.
This is By The Full Moon - Ink Circles, out of the JCS 2010 Halloween issue. It is stitched on 40 ct and let me say, I have no idea how those of you stitch on this. It is crazy lol. I do have an eye appointment on Wednesday and it will be the first pair of glasses that I have ever needed. Last year my eye sight started going a little.
I used my new vacuum today and loved it! Just take the canister off and dump it. I dumped it after I vacuumed each room and then when done I washed it out. No more bags!
I ordered the parts for a new gaming computer and have someone building it for me. Can not wait :-)

Fixed Pulled pork for my in laws tonight. I have been asked to fix them their dinner every Saturday night. I can just warm up what is in their fridge/freezer but since I have to cook for Scott and I then I might as well cook it and then take it to their house and eat with them. They said they like everything so not sure what is next weekend, yet.

Tomorrow I will be stitching on an Halloween piece. Not sure if I want to work on Poof Hat or finish something that I started in December and would be from the Up For a Challenge category. I am thinking finish the one and then work on Poof Hat.

night all,


Rachel said...

Great start! This is my #15 too, but done on 36ct. Agree with how small 40 & 36ct can seem. Ive started using readers to help.

Beth said...

Enjoy stitching on that stuff while you are young. 18 count is as high as I can go - you all just amaze me stitching on that teeny tiny fabric.

Good luck with finishing your first Halloween piece and getting further on Poof Hat!

Loretta said...

Fantastic start. I stitched that ornament last year for a Halloween exchange but I did it on either a 28ct or 32ct (I can't remember which). I am more comfortable with those counts than the 36 or 40.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Whew - I'm exhausted just watching y'all getting those 15 started! I'm starting an ornament tomorrow, well, I guess that's 'after while' now. Think I'll go take a little nap first...

Myra said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge. It will be fun watching all these come to life in the coming months.

Karen said...

I had fun looking back at all of your starts for the Challenge! No doubt you will finish them this year.

happy stitching....and stay warm!