Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crazy January Challenge #6

Work wasn't to busy so I got to leave at noon. Came home and read a bunch of blogs, commented on quite a few of them. I had weight watchers at 5 so I headed out. The sun was shining here but in Batavia it was snowing pretty good. Now this is where I was conflicted. As most of you know, I hate driving in the snow and avoid it whenever I can. So my ying and my yang were at it. Ying said should you turn around and forget it. Yang said no because you really need to go. Ying then said ok, but we are just going to get weighed and not stay for the meeting. Yang said you will only be there for an hour so you will be fine. Ying said yeah but you know how the weather can get in just an hour. Yang said and you drove in this on Tuesday and you were fine. So Yang won. I stayed for the meeting that I really needed. There were around 50 women there. A lot were joining and some haven't been there in a long time and starting the New Year with a New You. I gained a little bit so I stopped at the store and grabbed some more fruit, celery and salsa. Weight Watchers Pitas and cheeses. I am set for awhile. I can do this. When I had left Batavia it had stopped snowing, so I am glad that I listened to Yang. But when I was driving home it was nasty where I live. All was fine though. Came home and fixed supper. Used my scales , measuring cups and spoons again. They are my Pals for weight watchers.

Sat down and stitched all night while watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

JCS 2003 With My Needle's A Needleworker's Pocket
32 ct Silkweavers
WDW Crimson

This will be May's ornament.

I am enjoying all the comments that you are leaving, thank you so much!!


Loretta said...

I with you regarding driving and the snow. However, with me I think Ying would have won out.;) I love all the ornaments you have started (and even finished) for this challenge. You will have a nice assortment once they are all done.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Your ornaments are adding up! Can't wait to see all of them! You're doing good at the Challenge!

Blu Stitcher said...

Another great start.

Srinity said...

We've had so many snow storms here in Finland this winter that I've had to drive a lot while it snows. And it's been mostly that fluffy and light snow that swirls in the air behind the cars and it's hard to see where you're going. But I'm used to it and I have good winter tires in my car so it helps a lot. :)

You have started beautiful charts in the CJC.

Marcy said...

All your ornies are going to be lovely when finished. I look forward to following your progress.

Mel said...

cute start!

I know you can do it with weight watchers. We can cheerlead. I hope you will keep us updated!

Beth said...

Good for you to listen to your Yang!! I have started back at rehab, and am doing the Wii Fit with my daughter while at her house. Another cool looking start.