Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Not much to post here. I did stitch tonight but it is for an ornament exchange so no pic. I worked out with the Wii Fit. Dylan stitched with me tonight while we watched Lost but it was just a recap. I received charts in the mail be HAED. I love their patterns. I really need to get this batch of exchanges done and don't sign up for more so I can finish some of my WIPs and UFOs. I really want to start some of the HAED and they take awhile to finish. Well not much to say.
Oh yeah, Dylan and his girlfriend went out to have a cig and she came running up to me and grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. There on the porch is a grey tiger cat all lovey and purring. Dylan and Shelbi said it kept trying to come in the house. So we gave it some dry food. he was soaked as it had been raining out. I have never seen this cat before. We always end up with the strays and take them in, but after an hour Dylan went back out and the cat is now gone. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

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CindyMae said...

You sounds just like me! That is why we have so many animals in my house, we take in all the strays! LOL Oh well, I just love them animals! Maybe that one was just traveling through!