Wednesday, September 09, 2009

another RR finished

one more to go :-) Next round starts next year. I think mine will be Mirabilia's mermaids faces and if I don't have enough patterns then throw in some other faces. I have seen some others done and they are gorgeous.

The new girl at work, started the week before I went back to work. She is kind of odd and has a rough life. Last week she called in sick, wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This week she just hasn't shown up or called. her mother called at noon yesterday to speak with her. She lives with her mom so we know she isn't hurt. If she doesn't show up tomorrow then she voluntarily has quit which we think has happened. Now we have to train a new person and this doesn't look good for my vacation time in October. My manager can not do the job all by herself for 6 working days. Pray that something good will happen. We really need a 3rd person at the lab. We do everything there including all secreterial duties.

I watched todays episode of General Hospital, talk about tears in the eyes. The one witch died but who is the beloved character that they are saying will die? Could be several of them.

Tomorrow is the new Vampire Diaries, on the CW. Supposed to be close to the Twilight books. Then is Supernatural. Woohoo!!

Dylan's first day as a senior went well. For English he has to read Bleachers by John Grisham, Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom(sp?). Plus 1 other book I never heard of. Possibly another 2 books this school year. He has already read Five People You Meet in Heaven so he will have to reread it. I read Bleachers and told him he will enjoy it. he also goes to BOCES for Auto Tech and is excited about that.

I had a dentist appointment today , for cleaning. Got a clean bill of teeth health woohoo!! My dentist who started the practice retired in June. I have been seeing him since I was a teenager and he graduated with my parents. I saw his dental partner today and the new woman that took his place was not there. She is in her mid twenties.

well time for me to get some sleep. have a great night everyone and thanks for the comments. They mean a lot to me. Maybe soon I can start posting stitchy pics. Not for awhile though :-(

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Carolyn NC said...

Sorry about the co-worker - hope it's worked out in time for your vacation.