Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thrillers

on TV that is. The CW had their new show on tonight called Vampire Diaries. It is similar to the Twilight books. Justin and I liked it. Then the new season of Supernatural was on. Love that show.
I also watched today's episode of General Hospital but I still want to know who the beloved character is that dies. Unless it is another ruse like it has been for 3 years always saying that either Jason, Sonny or Jax will die and then nothing happens.

Well today was crazy at work. the new girl is definately gone but we have a new girl starting on Monday, we hope. We wanted to hire her before but she got hurt on her last job, not her fault. So she had to turn us down. Now she is better and would love to work with us. After today we can use all the help we can get.

I listened to Bones To ashes by Kathy Reichs til my ipod's battery died. I started disc 6.

Tonight I stitched on a RR and it was stitching up pretty quickly. Hoping to finish it tomorrow night , if not then Saturday.

Karen, check out to see the new fall schedule. Some great new shows this season.

Siobhan, keep watching GH on your computer, it is so good and I am sorry that you can't watch it on TV. Also there are several online sites that let you watch all TV shows online. You might have to wait a couple of days from the original air date but you can watch them

Again, thanks all my friends for reading my blog and the comments.


CindyMae said...

Hope all goes well with the new girl!!

Jade said...

Have fun stitching and don't forget to post the finish because we love to see your work!

Carolyn NC said...

Hope work is a little easier and this girl works out!