Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simply Sunday

Another weekend nearing. Friday night DH had to go into work and I ended up asleep by 9pm since it was a very tiring day, at work.
Saturday I had a Rochester Bookcrossing Meeting, for lunch. We tried a new place and had great food and atmosphere. There was 6 of us there. I also made it to the PO with all the packages that I have had.
When I got home I took Dylan to get work pants and steel toed boots for auto tech, in BOCES. Scott didn't feel good all day and was grumpy. So not a fun night.
Today I went grocery shopping and my house has been trashed for a few weeks. So Dylan, Shelbi and I cleaned and straightened up the living room, which looks amazing. Then we had a shelving unit I bought to put on top of the one desk. Well Justin is using the desk now and I was going to throw the shelving unit out but I have been wanting a letter shelf for the mail with compartments and this was perfect so Dylan hung it up. So no more throwing mail on the kitchen table and letting it get out of control. We each have our own compartment and we can check it every day or the end of the week. I tried doing as much laundry as I could today. Justin did dishes and cleaned the bathroom. We really like the living room now. I did vacuum all the rooms and straightened up the family room and my computer desk. I have a candle burning and tarts.
I also finished a RR today and tomorrow I will start another special project.
Did anyone watch the True Blood season finale? it was really good. I also watched the premier of Scooby Doo Mystery The Beginning, on Cartoon Network. Was really cute. The actor playing Shaggy did a great job with the voice. it will be on again so you should catch it.

A dear friend of mine, Gisele, can use all the prayers she can get. Her DH is not doing well and is on morphine now and it is only a matter of time. She has been a great online friend for 10 years and does not feel like we never met in person. She was one of my first friends I met online and we have always been there for each other.

Well my bed is calling my name. it is busy season at work and a new girl starts tomorrow.


CindyMae said...

I will keep your friend and her hubby in my thoughts and prayers!

Mel said...

I wish I could have watched True Blood S2... but sadly HBO is too much money in Canada. I'm waiting for DVD but glad to hear that it was good.
Good to hear that it sounds like things are a little more in order for you. :)