Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new shows

Last night I watched the new show The Forgotten and I will be watching that all season.

We were very busy at work and was on my feet from 8am til almost 1pm. My feet were tired lol. The library had called to tell me that an audiobook came in. They called me Monday as well but I knew this one was coming in as well so I headed there after work. On the way my car decided to give me a hard time. So I pulled over and called Dylan. he was going to follow me home. After some debating I had him wake Scott up, he works 3rd shift. When Scott got to me my car would just click, no starting up. So we are thinking I now need a new alternator. I just bought a new battery and it was dead. So Scott took my battery and had it charged so we could at least get it to the shop. I followed in his truck. So now Scott will have to take me to work tomorrow and Justin will pick me up when I get out of work. What a pain in the arse.

Tonight I watched another new show called Eastwick, on ABC. Oh it is soo good. Can't wait for next week. Is anyone going to watch the 2 hour season premier of Grey's Anatomy? I know I will be watching it.

I also stitched on the special project tonight so still no pics.


drea_dear said...

I'm loving The Forgotten as well. Sad that My Own Worst Enemy isn't coming back on NBC, but this one looks better and less confusing. I'm not watching Eastwick, although I love Jaime Ray Newman (the redhead). I have enough "guilty pleasure" shows already, lol. Good luck with your car - my bff has been having trouble whenever she drives her husband's car - it will start for him, but not for her, and it's stranded her twice!

Maureen said...

Hope your car gets sorted soon - you don't realise how much you miss them till they conk out on you. I love reading about all the shows you watch - we're always a wee bit behind here in the UK with any new american shows, so it's good hearing about anything to look out for..

Pam said...

My DVR will be taping Grey's tonight, while I'm working at the bookstore.'s gonna be a late night of stitching while I catch up!

Carolyn NC said...

Well, I saw my two NCIS' and the Mentalist - all is right with the world....LOL At least the reruns are down now!!

Lana said...

Sorry to hear of your car troubles!! Hope things get righted quick. It's a pain to be without a car!