Friday, September 25, 2009

In a funk

I have been playing games in Facebook for quite a while now and it cut into my stitching time. So I was getting a schedule going. yes I am a list and schedule person. Anyways I have been unhappy with 2 games for 2 weeks now so I deleted them. Whew what relief. The other ones are pretty easy to manage and don't take up a lot of time daily.

Now onto stitching talk. Is it just me? I do not care for the JCS Halloween issue. I thought it was going to be all Halloween like the JCS Christmas ornament issue is just what it says. I have not found one Halloween design that I want to stitch. I also really went through the Ornament issue and just not into it this year. I don't know if it is the new layout. I love change and have no problem with it but the other issues were so much easier to find what you wanted to stitch. Plus I have picked out a few that I would like to stitch and it calls for buttons, charms or other embellishments. I just don't keep them in the house. I have 2 LNS that I shop at and they are both 45 minutes away from me and in opposite directions. Maybe it is because for 2 months all I have done is exchanges, RRs and a special project. Don't get me wrong , I love doing them but all my WIPs have turned into more UFOs. I have 7 more exchanges to stitch up ASAP. I really want to get back into my rotation and have finishes. ok enough bitching about that. Maybe it is just me but I have felt like this for 2 weeks now.

TV shows: last night I watched Bones and Grey's Anatomy. Bones was good and I loved Grey's. Cried at the beginning. So sad. I DVRd Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Tonight I watched the season premiers of Smallville and Dollhouse. They were good. I DVrd Ghost Whisperer and Medium. I also have this week's wed. , Thurs and Fri General Hospital episodes to watch. Wait I believe I watched Wednesdays earlier tonight.

Scott had to work tonight and both boys are gone til late.
I have my car back, yeah! My alternator bit the dust so I had a new one put in. $200 just for the part. I don't know yet what the labor is.

Any weekend plans? it is supposed to rain tomorrow and Scott and I wanted to go the Fish and Hunting Days at the DEC. I guess it will depend on the weather since it is outside. Other than that I am hoping to stitch all weekend and get as much of the exchanges done as possible. I also need to watch the DVR shows from this week. I am looking forwards to Sunday night and Desperate Housewives.

Thank you all for reading my posts and the comments that you leave. I truly appreciate it.


  1. I know how that funk feels - I think I was in it this spring. I always feel like I HAVE to keep the games to help the people who invited me, until I realize that they are no longer playing them either. I deleted a few FB apps last week. :)

    I make sure that I work one WIP for me into my weekly rotation, and I don't over-schedule my stitching time. I need room to bend my schedule to my whim. ;)

  2. Same here. Spending time online or play games always take me away from stitching & I would regret it. It's so easy to play online when you have little ones. You can't stitch & lose your place. ~ Dawn ~

  3. It's so easy to get caught up in exchanges and not even realize it! I am now trying to get myself organized for Pals and have decided not to sign up for anymore exchanges.

    I like the old format for the Ornament issue..easier to thumb through.

  4. Hope you can get your rotations back going. You always do such lovely stitching, we all look forward to seeing your progress. :)

  5. I think that many of us have gotten caught up in online stuff, esp. Facebook. And sometimes it is so easy to join into exchanges because they sound fun and you find yourself stitching totally for these.
    Hopefully you will get your rotation back!