Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

That is the title that came to mind but nothing about today was thrilling. Work was dead again and I left an hour early.
Played games on Facebook and then finished my special project. I can not share anything about it for now. Sometime in the future I can.
Next up is 2 RRs and I believe 3 exchanges.

I watched yesterdays and todays episodes of General Hospital. For any of you that follow this I can not wait til the Carnival and to see what happens. there is about 3 different things that I can come up with.

No reading or listening to audio books today nor a movie.

Thank you for those that read my blog and for the comments that I have received.
You are all the best :-)


Dawn said...

I love your titles of post. LOL Hope you have good day today. ~ Dawn ~

Jade said...

Sometimes just not having anything urgent to do can be quite thrilling. And be careful with Facebook games, they can be quite addictive. Trust me, I have learned that the hard way. :)

Dawn B. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing GH today. Hope to get caught up on missed episodes due to work. Hope you have a good day.