Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fall Season is starting

all my TV shows will be back and I will be watching a couple of new ones. My weekend was really busy, how about yours?
Friday night Scott and I went to visit his parents and his family was having a cookout.
Saturday morning Dylan called, on his way to work. He had hit a deer and it freaked him out. The damage is minimal and him and Shelbi(girlfriend) are ok. Then Scott and I headed to a Hot Air Balloon festival. We were paying at the gates when the person behind us hit us. Not paying any attention to the stopped traffic. No damage to our truck. But we did not see the balloons :-( . We got there at 1, I have no idea why, and the balloons were going up at 6. Well by 4:30 we were both walking zombies and couldn't walk anymore and were really tired. i had even taken my camera but alas no pics. Next year we are not going so early.
Sunday was my family picnic. Lot os drinking and eating, laughter and a great time.
Monday, both boys worked, so when they got out we went school shopping. Made it to Yankee Canlde 10 minutes before closing time. They had tarts and votives on sale for $1 each so Dylan bought me 10 tarts. All Autumn scents.
I didn't get in any stitching over the weekend but I did yesterday and tonight. Working on a RR, which will be done tomorrow and then I have another RR here. I can't wait to get back to my WIPs and UFOs, or should I say they are all UFOs now since I haven't stitched on the WIps for about 2 months now.

I watched a new show last night on the ION channel. it is called Durham County and it seems interesting. I also watched Fridays and today's General Hospital and wow can't wait for tomorrow.

That is all for tonight. Thank you for reading and for leaving comments.


Carolyn NC said...

Yes, I'm ready for Tues. and Thurs. nights in the fall season. Hope you get back to your WIP's soon. :)

Carolyn NC said...

PS-glad no one was hurt either time!

Karen said...

Haven't even seen what's new for the season...except for The Good Wife, which I will be watching. Anything else good coming up??