Friday, February 03, 2006

Dreary and rainy day

then will switch to snow tomorrow and we have a storm warning for this weekend :-(
I finished another page on the model piece and have one more to go WOOHOO!! I started bent Creek Snappers and LK Thanksgiving Flip It. I am in need of the overdyeds that i ordered to finish these 2 charts. I worked on February Snapper with the colors that i do have and then when I was done with those I switched to LK Thanksgiving Flip it. i will work on this til the new colors come in, any day now, or until I can't stitch on it due to not having the new colors. Then I will start a JCS ornament for the weekend. So much to choose from LOL.

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Nancy in IL said...

Holy cow, Shelleen! I cannot wait to find out what this model piece is!!! ONLY ONE PAGE TO GO??? No wonder it's taking so long to do, and they even said you are doing better than most. I know how happy you'll be to get this out of the way! My curiosity is getting the best of me.