Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A WIP and a new start

I started L&L Ice Angel. I would have had double the amount stitched but most of it was all off count and I had to frog and restitch it.

This is Snowy Forest evening Stocking from a Stocking book. I started this last year and it is for DH. I stitched on the antlers, branches, backstitching and the top left part of the blue and green :-)

I finished watching The Westminster Dog Show. The first time that I actually liked all the dogs that made it to Best of Show.

I had 3 movies come in from Netflix so I will be watching them the next couple of days. I do need to run to the local craft shop to get 3799 DMC. Out of the thousands of extra floss I have you would think I had it LOL. We have high winds on the way starting tomorrow night through Friday but it has been warm. Today was around 50 and again for tomorrow and then drop to 16 on Saturday. DS#1 and I have had scratchy throats and drainage so I knew something was up with the weather :-(

Thursday is small kit day and JCS ornament day. For the small kit I have a Mill Hill RR to stitch on and if time I will stitch the other one that I got last week as well.


Litla Skvís said...

Ice Angel is such a gorgeous piece! I can't wait to watch your progress on it!
And that stocking is looking wonderful!

Sylvie said...

Great start, Shelleen!

BeckySC said...

Hi Shell :)
I have gotten behind on blog reading due to my endo episode this week :) Sorry I missed your happy dance! YAY for you!!!!

Your WIP and new project both look great! I remember when you started the stocking :)

You are welcome to all of my Celtic ladies (with the exception of Autumn, as it is promised to Nicki already)charts when I am finished with htem-or you can borrow them if you want to start before I finish :)
I don't think I am going to stitch Celtic Winter at all, so you can have her anytime :)
Let me know :)

BIG hugs :)

valda said...

Great start on Ice Angel. I think sometimes that is why I stitch so slow sometimes.......I count and count and recount so I won't have to frog.
The stocking for DH looks wonderful!