Monday, February 13, 2006

Mondays Musings

I received stash in the mail. A big thank you to Carol. You introduced me to Heaven and Earth Designs and I fell in love with Revelation. I finally had found it last week and it came in today. I had no idea it as this big of a pattern and all of the pages involved. DS#1 laughed so hard at me and said good luck. I will show him but not til next year LOL
I also am a part of the Cross Stitch pals board and we have Marvelous Monday contests and last week I won Warm Winter Wishes by Sue Hillis Designs. so thank you to SerenaItaly for this chart :-)

Movies I watched last week:
Cruel Intentions
Miss Congeniality 2

I am getting ready to read Girls In Pants the Third Summer of the Sisterhood - Ann brashares.

Also I got a lot of stitching time in on the model piece and if I get to stitch this much tomorrow then it should be done tomorrow night otherwise it will be done on wednesday. I have my happy dancing shoes ready and believe me I will be dancing all around the house. I already warned my family.

I read yesterdays posts and carol NASCAR Daytona practice was scheduled for noon on NBC Sunday but they had the qualifying on instead. Sorry that you missed it. I am so psyched for the Daytona 500, woohoo!!! I enjoyed seeing Mikey in his new ride :-)


Jenn said...

Oh that HAED pattern is beautiful! They are so easy to get hooked on aren't they!

Nicole and Phil said...

WOW...that will be a challenge, but gorgeous once completed! I look forward to seeing your progress on it! I have added your link to my blog, to keep an eye on it!

Carol said...

Congratulations on finding Revelations!!!! We can support each other through this huge honker of a chart when we finally start it, OK?? I think we will need emotional support!!