Thursday, February 23, 2006

ok day

Woke up feeling pretty good. After my computer time I started laundry and then stitched on a RR. Didn't get much done since a friend called. We were on the phone for over an hour when she asked if she could come over. then she was here for 2 hours. We used to be inseperable. Now I see her every few months. Our kids grew up clos as little kids but are no longer friends, have nothing in common anymore. My friend got a job and remarried and we just have lost touch. I gave her her Christmas gift. I made her a sunflower beaded scissor fob and I bought her an Italian bracelet. i showed her the one that i had back in October and she had mentioned to me she had been wanting one for a couple of years but no one in her family had bought her one, even though she asked. So she said she had an idea I bought one for her as that is how the both of us have always been to each other. She had misplaced all but one item of my christmas gift, which was a candle :-)

Then when she left I pulled out Christmas Ornament 2003 by Vermillion Stitchery out of that years JCS ornament issue. I put the backstitching on the left top and then started stitching the left bottom . I will be changing this rotation back to the 25th of ach month as I got talked into stitching a Mirabilia SAL and this was the only spot I could fit it in. So I will be stitching Winter Queen. Those girls at stitching sisters yahoo group are so bad, twisted my arm and threatened me to do this SAL LOL.
Then about 7pm I started to feel really crappy again and now really tired. So the Vicks will come out tonight LOL.

Carol, I would have been mad as well if I was in your shoes and i do agree that the new car is an older person's car. My dad wanted one and a lady I know drives it and she isn't old but older than me, you know. I think that the car is really nice but know what you are saying. Scott wanted me to buy an Impala last year. I know that they are a great car but everyone that i know that drives one are over 55. To me that is an older person's car, again i didn't say old LOL.

Meari, I realized earlier today that I must have left your blog out and I need to fix that I am very sorry.

Lelia, L&L really don't have alot of color changes, not like Teresa Wentzler and Thomas Kinkade. L&L is much quicker to stitch on. Depends on the pattern as well and you might run into a little bit of areas like that.

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