Friday, February 10, 2006

My Inner Angel

You are the Angel of Light.
Good Traits:
Your actions revolve around the kindness in your
heart, because you know the true value of
what there is to all that is good. You also
keep faith in your beliefs and try to make
choices that other people must choose from,
because your main goal in life is to teach
people how to choose right from wrong. You
are also a child of great beauty and serenity
and take pride in the task God had given you
in life. The task of saving people from the
power and Satin and the road to hell.
Bad Traits:
Though you may be helpful and kind, there are times
that you prevent people from learning the
lesson they must learn themselves, because
you wish to teach them yourself. You must
then learn that with the constant help of
you, the people you are aiding may not learn
what they need to learn, so they will become
too dependant on your kindness and fail to
teach themselves the lesson that must be
taught if you are not around. Please learn to
have more faith in God's children. ^^
Your Best Friend is Most Likely:
The Angel of Nature

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