Friday, February 24, 2006

Too tired

Just having a tiring day. Slept in late and didn't even go to Curves. This cold is just kicking my butt today. I did stitch a few hours on Christmas Angel by Joan Elliott from a The Cross Stitcher magazine. I finished another section on the wing of that.

I started a freebie called better Not Pout by Waxing Moon but can't stay awake to work on that.

Our federal taxes came in today and paid some bills with that. Going shopping tomorrow :-)


BeckySC said...

Hey...don't make me come up there ;)!!! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!!!


Terri said...

Looks great. Shelleen.. Keep it up.

meg said...

Very nice! I have that pattern tucked away for someday. Can't wait to see the finish. :D

valda said...

Looking good Shelleen! Good work.