Friday, February 17, 2006

Stash, a Valentines exchange , a SAL , and a WIP

I had a great day today despite the cold and wind and my having a cold/sinuses. I started stitching on Christmas Angel by Joan Elliot from one of The Cross Stitcher issues. i had stitched the browns and reds alons with some of the white in the wing, last fall. So today I added the greys and backstitching of a section.

While I was stitching away on the angel I heard the mail lady honk her horn, which means she has a package for me. So DH went out and grabbed the mail. I received this Valentine exchange from Kirtsen and we are members of the Stitchingbrats Yahoo group. I just love this box that looks like leather .

inside of the box had red threads and a pack of notecards. Thank you so much Kirsten. I just love it!!

I started LK February Stamp. I am doing this as a monthly stitchalon and the LK stitchalon on Friends Gather BB. I go quite a bit done on that as well.
Also in the mail today was L&L Angel if the Sea. My friend Ruthann from the Cross Stitch pals was giving away some patterns and I asked for this. I don't know when I will get to it but it was on my wish list :-) Thank you Ruthann!!

I was watching HGTV tonight as they were showing the dream home that they are giving away this year. it is in NC in the mountains along a lake and is so gorgeous. There are guest quarters on one side of the house that sleeps 11. This would be a perfect place for a stitchers retreat. Was all open and had alot of comfy furniture, which everything was included in this house. I am sure it is on their website. You should go check it out :-)


Nancy said...

I'm going to win the HGTV house, Shelleen! Then we'll have the retreats - great idea!
I so admire all of your stitching. Wish I could get done half of what you do.

Von said...

OMGoodness, Shelleen! You are sooo right about the Dream House - perfect for stitching retreats!! Wouldn't that be fun. Think you'd have to host a whole lot of events to just pay for the taxes and insurance on it, but what a beautiful dream, lol!

Carol said...

What a great day for you today, despite the cold! The angel you started has great colors! I can't wait to see more! The gift you received is amazing too!!! And wow, your LK designs look great... an awesome L&L chart as a giftie - what a great day for you! :-)

valda said...

Your angel is going to be gorgeous! Love that Valentine exchange! Great job on the LK's!

Jenn said...

I caught part of the HGTV Dream Home last weekend. I loved the guest section of the house. Esp the room that had the screened in porch attached to it.

Angel of the Sea is in my stash to do one day. It's such a pretty piece.

BeckySC said...

What a lovely gift-enjoy it, Shell :)

Hugs to you :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Hey that's my house, Watch on April 29th as I'm sure they will be awarding it to me. It should definitely be a stitching retreat, can't you see that wine cellar full of yarns and the sewing room as a little cross stitch shop. Forget the pool table and get a big table with comfy chairs to sit around and stitch with friends.